Rimba Jimbaran

April 26, 2016

My amazing and beautiful trip to Bali did not finish at Ubud, after the peaceful stay at Payogan filled with amazing sunrises and sunsets at Bali’s most beautiful mountain views my next stop took me to the recently opened Rimba Jimbaran Hotel. This place is such an impressive sanctuary away from the chaos that people have known Bali to be with its beautiful hanging gardens, colourful villas and an immense amount of palm trees. The brochure said that there were 11 pools in the vicinity but I could only count around 6, though not really complaining with that number.





Rimba is the sister resort to the infamous Ayana Resort & Spa, and like everyone who visits either of these two places, we got sucked into the secluded slice of paradise. HONESTLY DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE RESORT GROUNDS. And you really don’t have a reason to leave really unless you’d like to see the Uluwatu Temple or Jimbaran Bay Seafood but other than those two the resort can provide for you. Here we go. AYANA and RIMBA together have 11 pools, 650 rooms, 15 bars and restaurants, 8 places to get hitched, a number of spas around including the spa on the rocks, two gyms, golf putting and a private beach. Like I said, there aren’t many reasons to escape. It’s also only a 15 minute drive from the airport. After visiting Ubud upon arriving in Bali, visiting this area of the coastline was a massive plus as we were able to experience the difference of inland living as well as the beachside towns.






The private beach of the Resort is over at Ayana’s side, Kubu Beach. Though its not so big, Kubu Beach still has a lot to offer for guest and I have found the experience to be a lot better than the other popular public beaches. You have to take a shuttle tram to the other side of the property and walk down a crazy flight of stairs thinking that you’d have to walk back up after you are done. A beautiful view greets you as you walk down these stairs though. At the beach itself you can occupy one of many little huts for two and order some fresh coconuts while you enjoy the sun and breeze of Jimbaran.









Last but definitely not least is the most popular sight of Ayana and Rimba Resorts, the Rock Bar. We were lucky to have visited the bar the night before, it was still an amazing experience without the sunset. Chill and sip on your favourite drink by the water of Jimbaran Bay with some live music. Life could not have gotten better at that moment. This place is a must visit for all travellers but it does have its perks being a guest (you get priority seating at the views).


Rimba has been an absolute pleasure to have been in and we will definitely be back! Hopefully sooner than later.


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