Jimbaran Bay

April 13, 2016

So we are here finally at Jimbaran Bay and our hotel Rimba Jimbaran. You can’t visit this place without visiting the famous seafood restaurants on the beach itself. It’s a classic story of Bali that most travellers tell of when they get back to their families and friends. You come to the beach in the afternoon, sit on the sea of tables on the sand and partake in what can be called a Seafood Feast. Word was that it was best to arrive before 6pm to be able to get a good seat without a reservation. We were here to meet up with a family friend of mine but we took a bit too long in Seminyak and arrived a little just over 6.30pm.  The best seats for the sunset view were all taken already but we still got to sit outside on the sand so no regrets.


We were told to meet at Menega Cafe of which seemed to be the best Seafood place in the bay as the surrounding restaurants were empty while Menega was filling up fast. Eat the freshest grilled seafood in Bali with an amazing and breathtaking sunset to match. The thing I love about the seafood in Jimbaran is that the price will definitely surprise you, theres no overpriced tags on any of the seafood like you would find in many western countries. The food is also grilled with marinade and flavour unlike the Australian take on a plain tasteless boiled seafood.




When we go into the cafe theres a big smoky room full of BBQ stations and then you past the fresh seafood station where you can pick and choose your flavour. After that the restaurant opens up to a large dining space that leads you straight to the beach for the outdoor seating. So we were told to eat in menega there is a bit of a system as their service is ridiculously slow because of the overwhelming amount of guests that come every night. The best advice was to order anything you want straight away at the beginning and spare no doubts as topping up for food later will take at least 1-2 hours. I will explain:

  1. Find your waitress at the front
  2. Ask for a table and ask what number that table should be
  3. Go back to the front at the seafood station
  4. Tell those guys what you wish to have for dinner (when in doubt just pick it so you don’t need to wait later)
  5. Tell the person the amount of such seafood you would like, and if you are confused just tell the person how many persons are dining and he will advise on it.
  6. Now you can tell the guys how you’d like it cooked, grilled or fried but if you are in Bali you have to try grilled seafood, there is no better way! Say BAKAR! (means grilled)
  7. Head back to the table and order drinks (may need to order a couple times as they forget it sometimes) No need to worry about rice or side dishes as you do get a complimentary rice and Kangkung (water spinach) with every seafood order.










Now you can just sit back and enjoy this spectacular experience. The sun will set just to your left side of the beach and in most days its a pretty glorious sunset. Sometimes live musicians will come to your table to play a little song. In this chaotic world of Bali sometimes you are able to find some romance I guess.






Menega Cafe

Jl. Four Seasons Resort
Muaya Beach

Telephone: 0361 705888


Reservations can be made via telephone or email, otherwise show up before 5:15pm and you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting a prime table.

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