Revolver Espresso

April 12, 2016

If you’re in the mood for a perfect coffee in Bali, “Revolver Espresso is the place to be”, they say. This somewhat of a hidden community is just off Jalan Laksmana in the heart of Seminyak. Along with its Australian style coffee, this almost newtown-esque cafe — hipster craze has definitely hit Asia — serves up smoothies, delicious breakfasts and a variety of lunch menus.




They are proud to be serving their own house blend and it was actually quite smooth with a good balance of coffee and milk. The baristas know what they are doing and the multiple cups that we ordered did not disappoint one bit. Most reviewers mentions that this place and Anomali, also in Seminyak, is just about the best coffee house you can find in Bali. BIG CALL! A cup is of a reasonable price, though it probably is still quite expensive for the locals at 25,000 Rupiah with around about 5000 Rupiah extra for extra shots.

So Irene actually found out about this cafe through Instagram, and since we don’t feel like we should miss out on anything famous in Bali while we are here, Irene and I went to this little lane way cafe for a late lunch.



Revolver is a little place in a little alleyway decorated with the theme of a western saloon, its dark but cosy. It absolutely had the same vibe as a saloon in those old cowboy movies, you are at a dark local watering hole and as soon as a new visitor enters, the door opens and enters and immense amount of light into the dark room. This sudden change of lighting makes everyone in the room stops and turns to the new visitor. They take this theme into everything they do, the door sign says “Come in and get shot”, a smart way of mentioning shot as in bullets/coffee shots.







I loved the surroundings of the cafe and I loved the overall friendliness of the staff members as well. The food were all delicious and made very well with presentations that doesn’t disappoint a camera. The waiters and the baristas were all super friendly speaking English fluently. One of them mentioned that the owner was an Australian surfer girl who wished there was a better coffee in Bali and did something about it. We both felt like we were just back in Sydney enjoying a little weekend brunch but that’s just it though isn’t it? It felt like a little Sydney in Bali, I didn’t feel like I was travelling and trying great coffee and food of the country we are at. The whole area of Seminyak just felt like a Sydney beach town with Aussies on the street and even the locals dressed like Aussies. I enjoyed the cafe and the food but wished that there was a bit of Bali flavour to it.




Revolver Espresso
Jalan Kayu Aya (Jalan Oberoi) #3, Seminyak, Bali Behind This is a Love Song Concept Store and Home Store, or enter from the lane
Daily 08:00-17:00
T: (0361) 788 4968

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