Tegenungan Waterfall

April 7, 2016

Tegenungan is an area south of Ubud and yet another popular destination for tourists. One of the many attractions in this area is the waterfall forest. Bali has heaps of waterfalls when I researched before the trip, they are mostly open to the public with some needing a longer and strenuous hike than others. For us the idea of hiking through a jungle to get to a hidden waterfall is somewhat of an awesome adventure.

Payogan Villa

Payogan Villa

Just before we do actually set off on the road, we woke up just after sunrise to take a dip in the pool for one last time. Well I did, while Irene does her exercise rituals (BORING!) Our driver picked us up not long after breakfast and we drove over to the painting village first to buy one for back home and before we know it, there we were arrived at Tegenungan Village.


From Ubud, drive about 15 minutes in the south easterly direction (good to get a driver or note down the directions as you ride through on your scooter) and you will find a big green valley with a huge waterfall running through it. There is a public car park and a bit of a retail experience before you actually get to the start of the stairs. The entry fee is rather small and we like to think that it supports the local community in maintaining such a beautiful oasis. Unlike other waterfalls in Bali, the walk down isn’t very hard (the walk up however is the complete opposite) but that also means that it has become a more popular site for tourist to visit. It’s not completely crowded that you won’t have fun but don’t think you can have this place all to yourself unless you rock up just after sunrise. Keep in mind that everyone is there for the same reason you are, to experience a beautiful nature as well as swim to cool off from the heat.



For us this place was magical, it was the perfect stop over on our way to Jimbaran. On a crazy hot day in Bali (yes it’s always hot anyways), we were able to play like little kids in the refreshing water, surrounded by hills of tropical palm trees. But if you think of jumping off the cliff, this place is not for you as the water is barely waist deep and you will be met with layers of rocks underneath.





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