Ubud Sightseeing

March 29, 2016


It has a very relaxed vibe in the whole city even among the chaos of the main roads. Surrounded by the rice fields, mountains and glorious sunsets, Ubud was definitely a favourite place to go in Bali. Forget the completely packed out tourist nests of Seminyak or Kuta, Ubud is definitely the real Bali. This part of town is definitely special. Every time we walked the streets, we find local women performing traditional rituals, locals playing soccer in the middle of town and there were even a lot of traditional celebrations done on the streets when we were there. Though you do have to be careful on where you step while walking as the ground was swarmed with prayer offerings. It’s just all too easy to get lost in the colours of the city.



Ubud has a lot to offer for tourists; there is the monkey forrest, all the good food you can take, isolated resorts and spas, yoga centres, rice terraces, waterfalls and the lest goes on. While you can easily explore Ubud in two days, you’ll probably want to take more time getting to know her. She has her charms. Many travelers come for longer stays, using the town as their home base for exploring Bali further. We stayed for 4 days before moving over to Jimbaran. We did most of the spots to go outside of the city centre the previous few days so a stroll around the busy city centre was much needed before we leave. The markets is a famous site for local food, clothing, junkets and arts.




It was time to get our haggling sharpened and our wallet prepped for shopping! The markets has a lot of small boutiques with fun junks to tempt anyone in purchasing a totally unnecessary dead weight. It is located next to the Tourist Office and it is a two story market with stalls filling the inside as well as the courtyard. Now Ubud actually has two markets, one for the locals and one for the tourist. It was suggested that the local markets were a lot better than the tourist one as it sold quality fresh local food but to go you have to be at the location before Sunrise. So the tourist one instead for us.



We looked for clothes and souvenirs, anything to remind us of Bali but unfortunately all the things that attracted to us are a bit of a risk bringing back home. A big fear of buying a lot of wooden trinkets and not able to keep it once we land in Ausland. So we spent a couple of hours just wandering around and taking photos, though I did buy myself a couple of fruits to enjoy in the hot weather. Irene, however, refused to try some and was being overly paranoid about the Bali Belly.



The next stop in Ubud was a little cafe called Cafe Pomegranate, a dreamy tent of a restaurant that sits in the middle of rice fields that seems to go endlessly into the horizon. The walk from the city to the cafe wasn’t that far, a little bit through small alleyways then past a couple of small countryside houses and the road opens up to a vast field lined with palm trees where the cafe was. It was a funny fact that when we walked back it was completely pitch black and even though we were walking through a pretty questionable surrounding, we felt safe. Most likely won’t be the case if we were in Jakarta though.







Our time in Ubud was short — far too short to explore the museums, galleries, restaurants or to rent a bike tour through the countryside, or even the evening dance performances. But even in a small amount of time, we were able to experience a little bit of Bali Magic that makes this little city seems so romantic. There is honestly no doubt in my heart that WE WILL BE BACK!


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