Campuhan Walk

March 10, 2016

We started the day at the Villa for a late breakfast before making our way to Ubud via the Hotel Shuttle Bus. The walk was said to be a 9km flat relaxing walk suggested for morning activity before exploring Ubud. Considering that the next day is a big hike to the Volacano, I thought this would be a nice chilled activity to do while looking at countryside Bali views. It was super hot as with every Indonesian city is but it wasn’t going to stop us from heading out. You start the walk at Ibah Resort entrance where a few signs lead you to Campuhan Ridge (also known as Tjampoehan). As soon as you past the temple, the trees disappear and the views open up to this awesome hill with shoulder high grasses. The path leads you to the top of the hill where there are only a couple of palm trees making it very scenic. Continuing the walk past the hill, we reach small villages and small farmlands before arriving to a nice cafe. The weather was crazy hot and the sun was so strong that I was already sweating after only 10 minutes of walking. That could also be caused by the dead weight in my bag full of cameras that did not end up being used. It was supposed to be a 9km walk but that is if you keep walking after the cafe back to Ubud, but for a more scenic route you walk back to Ubud through the same way again. Overall, I think the walk to the cafe and back to Ubud was about 4km which still isn’t bad for a countryside Bali experience. I would recommend this walk to anyone staying in Ubud but possibly better done before 9am to get a cooler breeze and temperature.

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