March 7, 2016

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After the chaos of Jakarta, we are off to Bali! We were in Bali for about 6 days and planned a few exciting adventures to see what the real Bali is all about. I have been to Bali a few times before but have always stayed in the most touristy spots for beaches and markets, never Ubud.  A lot of the sights we wanted to see are closer to the Ubud area so the first 4 nights in Bali was spent at Payogan Villa. There are a couple of walks, a trip to the rice terrace and a big hike up a volcano in the next couple of days!

We arrived in Denpasar, met our driver for the next 6 days and off we go to Ubud. There was a little bit of a traffic just going out of the airport but after that it was smooth sailing, though it would be about 2 hours to get to Payogan. On the way over though, hunger strikes and a late lunch was somewhat needed so Putu (our driver) showed us a nice restaurant by the rice paddies to relax a bit. It was a nice change from Jakarta, the air is still hot but nice breezes often come and there is also a fresher feel to the air not just air conditioning 24 hours.

We had to go through this small alleyways off the main road where the pavements are pretty horrendous and its mostly just residential houses around to get to the Villa estate. The cool part was when Putu stopped the car and said to us that a ceremony was happening, all the other cars in front and behind us also stopped. I got out with my camera and all of a sudden about 500 or so locals filled the whole road with their traditional clothing/costumes, masks and music. This was pretty cool, feels like something that we would probably not have seen if we went to a Kuta/Seminyak and stayed in a resort. The Villa was pretty amazing as well especially for the price we paid for it, the villa we specifically got was pretty spacious and had its own private infinity pool looking over the hills of Ubud. One thing about the area that wasn’t as nice as the rest though, the amount of mosquitoes that were around and able to get into the rooms!

It became a rest night to prepare for the adventures to start the next day!

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