Ottomans Coffee Brewers

March 1, 2016

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What a clever name for a coffee house. Coffee was introduced to the world not by the Italians but by the Turkish who made the drink a staple in their day to day. They were also known as the Ottoman Empire so hence the name Ottomans Coffee Brewers. I haven’t been back to Jakarta in a while now and coffee culture over there have always been close to nothing. In the past recent years it seems that Jakarta have been blessed with a few bursts of trendy coffee shops that focuses on good coffee, and Ottomans seems to be the latest addition. I was also surprised to read in their menu that they had an all-day breakfast! I love my cafes with all-day breakfast and was told that only a very selected few of the small number of coffee shops in Jakarta actually serve all-day breakfast.

I ordered a latte and upon the first sip it was already a much better experience than the last visit at Ombe. The blend, bone breaker, punched through the milk like it should but not too much to give a wrinkly face, the milk still was not as creamy as I’d like it to be though. The coffee was more on the side of a darker roast than a lighter one but from my own experiences, Indonesians seems to like their coffee a lot stronger/bitter than most. Another thing that was interesting on the menu is their coffee sizes, we are so used to saying the Small, Regular and Large sizes here in Australia that a visit to google was needed to understand theirs. I am assuming that this is more of an American system with three sizes for every coffee you order; 4oz, 5oz, 6oz. I have heard of a 5oz size as being the most regular sizing for coffee and the 6oz is just a bigger size. But a 4oz cup is more like a short black cup or a piccolo cup and yet this cafe allows you to order a cappuccino or a latte in a really small cup. Interesting to see if the consistency and control of their milk can actually pull this off.

The cafe has a nice overall design that attracts a younger crowd which was perfect because the population of Jakarta that is actually in love with espressos and new found filter coffee are of a younger generation. The logo itself is modern and somehow has a bit of a hip hop vibe to it with its bold and almost graffiti calligraphy font. The whole interior space is well-lit through its big window at the front with a clean colour palette. The coffee bench however is what struck out to me the most as it was subtly decorated in turkish rug patterns. A little bit of the Ottoman Empire in the cafe but it does’t stick out too much to ruin the clean design of the space.


I really do love this place and hope to come back another time if I am ever in Jakarta. It has great coffee, hoping it has good breakfast to show as well, great interior space and friendly people behind the counters. What more can you ask for in a coffee house?

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