Ombe Kofie

March 1, 2016

We had a bit of a free time before a party at the house and I asked my cousin to take me around for a couple of good coffee. The first place we visited is Ombe Kofie, this was the closest to our house, only about 5 minutes away. Ombe means drink in Javanese language, so it already sets off a nice home-ey vibe to the place before entering. Among the chaos of the surrounding streets of Pluit, there is this small sign of the cafe. The place inside definitely has a cosy home feel to it, with the quirky furnitures and comfy sofas. The furnitures aren’t set up so you can seclude the people around you as you drink coffee, in fact it actually promotes the idea of socialising. It’s either a bar seating or side tables around the couches but never a 2 chair 1 table set up. It’s actually an interesting design to a cafe, especially in Asia. The menu for their coffee is quite extensive ranging from Filter to Espresso with no food menu, it is a cafe solely focusing on coffee so I did hope for a good experience. I ordered a V60 of the Panama Geisha, the Milk Cold Brew and a Latte. The V60 was a very nice turnout but I have had the Panama Geisha before and knew it to be a really nice bean set up for filter coffee. It has this citrusy flavour at the front but always seem to end with a sweet and fruity after taste. The Cold Brew unfortunately wasn’t as good as the v60. The milk in Indonesia seems to be lacking the creamy taste once you are used to what we get here in Australia, and that seems to bring down the flavour of what a White Cold Brew is. Somehow the cup tasted very rundown, and almost no taste of the coffee or the milk was present. I wasn’t very impressed with the turnout so I decided to order a Latte to see if their espresso is good. I am not so sure what beans they use for their espresso, I forgot to ask when ordering the latte, but it felt like as if it was a Single Origin bean in an espresso. Some websites state that they have a blend though for their Milk Based Coffees and even though there are a lot of cafes that uses purely SO Beans in their coffees, I’m just not a big fan of it in espressos. Again, the main experience out of their Latte was the fact that it lacked taste and creaminess, it still tasted watery and the coffee just doesn’t kick through the milk even though there wasn’t really much milk taste to begin with. It was a big disappointment as this cafe has been highly regarded by a lot of bloggers and a few friends as one of the top cafes in Jakarta right now but my experience has showed otherwise. The space is awesome and a really nice place just to sit and drink coffee in a busy town but that’s only if the coffee was enjoyable which it wasn’t this time. Some say that it may have been the wrong barista at the time so I may have to go back and try again. Who knows…maybe I will one day.

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