Lake Above the Clouds

February 22, 2016

The day started really early in an attempt to skip traffic on our way to Bandung. Bandung is about a couple hours away from Jakarta if the roads are clear. From there the plan was to go to Kawah Putih, White Crater, which was about another 1.5 hours away from Bandung. As usual with Jakarta, there is no voiding traffic and the trip took around 4 hours with a bit of traffic within Bandung as well.

Kawah Putih is a volcanic crater lake south of Bandung in Mount Patuha which have not been active since the 1600s. The lake itself is located about 2400 meters above sea level, which makes the air temperature to a bit more chilly than the usual Indonesia weather, it sits around 10 degrees celcius all year round. The lake changes colour from white to blue and green which is caused by the sizeable highly acid content of the lake. The smell of sulfur is also very strong around the area which was very unbearable for those that are not used to it. The sand surrounding the lake was also white with its interaction with the water hence the name White Crater. Sometimes the place is covered with fog which creates a surreal feel of the lake being above the clouds. As we got to the area the weather completely turned around and the rain just got heavier and heavier without any signs of stopping any time soon. Everyone bunched up in the bus trying to see if they should go out or not, I hated the idea of sitting in a bus for 4 hours and not see the place at all, so I got out and just ignored the rain and flash flooding around the area to walk over to the crater. I went with my Dad and a second time with Irene as well. It was completely worth the uncomfortable wet weather, the air was cold and the smell was just piercing to our noses but the view was amazing! You walk a short amount of distance of stairs down to the crater and the trees open up to a white crater with a surreal bright green lake.

As with the problem of being in Indonesia, your day is filled with sitting in traffic. So the time it took to go there and back already filled most of the day that we only had time to go to one place before we had to go back home. Even though it was the only thing we did that day, it was still a surreal experience to see a crater formation like that somewhat close to Jakarta. Would have loved to go again on a better day where the lake is bluer reflecting the sky.

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