Good Hood

February 13, 2016

It’s all Good in the Hood, especially if you have great coffee and an even better food menu. This chilled out cafe is in Slipi, not an area of Jakarta where you would expect to find a trendy cafe but you would be glad to. The decor of the cafe is exceptional, you know that there was no expense spared on making the cafe welcoming and comfortable. The exterior of the cafe gives a vibe of a street side parisian cafe, shame that Jakarta doesn’t have the same surrounding feel of Paris though. It has a small exterior seating surrounded by these cute black fence, just try to drink your coffee there and imagine you are right next to cobbled stone road and a smidge of the Eiffel Tower lies in between buildings in your sight. The cafe is split into two levels for the customers so you do have quite a bit of seating in there. The food menu was the best for me, there was a bit of both western and Indonesian food. I tried the Spaghetti Rica Rica, which I thought was smart to make a pasta more liking to the Indonesian tongue. I also had the Nasi Goreng (best seller) and the Nasi Remes. I liked the Spaghetti the best though, there was heaps of flavours going on in that sauce and I do believe the dish could work in Australia not just Asia. All in all, it’s an awesome cafe to chill if you are in Jakarta!

Ended the day with a visit to the Family’s own building, Dipo Tower. A statue of my grandpa greeted us in the lobby and up straight we go to the rooftop. From the rooftop I was able to get some night shots of the city skyline.

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