Indo Trip // Transit

February 8, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year to all! Gong Xi Fat Chai! This is our first blog entry for Indo, travelling from Sydney to Jakarta via Singapore. Considering that Jakarta isn’t really a touristy spot and that most of the days will be spent doing family formalities, there won’t be much to shoot. For this reason, the videos and photos will come as episodes rather than days.

There were a few mishaps before arriving at the airport in Sydney, but it wouldn’t be a true Daniel Holiday without any stupid mistakes. Given that we had a 9am flight and neither of us wanted a repeat of Tasmania, I thought that by staying over at Irene’s the night before would not only help me wake up on time but be more time efficient as it is closer to the airport. I was wrong. I accidentally left my GoPro at home and had to trek back to mine to get it. Whoops. Strike Two.

Nevertheless, it was smooth sailing from there onwards and here we are now in Jakarta!

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