Rise & Set

February 5, 2016

After a late night finish Wedding gig, I decided to take advantage of the good weather after a crazy long week of rain and more rain. The skies was clear and a sunrise shoot was in play. I wanted to go somewhere closer to home rather than a few hours drive so Balls Head Reserve seemed perfect to be at. At the start it was awesome, colours are coming out and its clear as far as we can see but then as soon as the sun starts to rise all we get is fog and more fog. The fog kept coming in and at the end covered the whole view until nothing was left. It was still a good day apart from a crappy timelapse ending to the video. I ended up having lunch and a bit of a walk around with friends, as the day ends somehow a sunset shoot became a good idea for us to do. I guess it’s a better ending than the fogged up city, another time-lapse but now at Bradleys Head. The video above is a compile of the day from rise to set for the beautiful city of Sydney!



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